No Resolutions

2018 is finally here and I welcome it with an open and full heart!


Every New Year, we as a collective of people living and surviving on this earth traditionally set goals upon goals for ourselves to attempt to achieve. We start off January 1st running out of the previous year wrecked from the bullshit expecting life altering changes when we haven’t put in the work towards healing ourselves first. If we are to thrive in our lives and be ready for the goodness and blessings we have set on manifesting for ourselves, we must take the time to rest, reflect, and move through the pain that continuously keeps us from moving forward.


There is growth in recognizing and confronting the things and the people that hurt us. There is healing in moving through the motions of that pain in order to fully release it.


In this year of 2018 I invite you to have no resolutions but take action in engaging with your own healing so you can receive all the blessings and good news that comes your way. I implore you to let in the community that wants lift you up. There is power in vulnerability. I urge you to invest your energy in the relationships and the things that keep your soul nourished. There is healing in letting yourself just be loved on. I plead with you to let go of the coping mechanisms that keep you stationary and hold no space for you to grow. There is clarity when you let go of what isn’t actually serving you.


2018 is the year you do what you say and say what you mean. You don’t have time to babble in circles when you should be blazing trails.


2018 is the year you put imposter syndrome to rest. You know you’re fly as fuck and capable of great things.


2018 is the year your relationships (platonic and romantic) grow stronger because you will actively let people in. You aren’t unloveable. Let yourself be loved.


I want to wish you all an amazingly prosperous New Year. Here’s to manifesting our futures together towards our collective liberation.





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